Hi! Welcome to my website.

In this place, i try to show my personal information and resume.


In this place, you can see sample template desgin by me.
All over template designs With HTML5 and it's responsive and all pages is dynamically.
Dynamic Data supports scaffolding, which is a way to automatically generate Web pages for each table in the database. Scaffolding lets you create a functional Web site for viewing and editing data based on the schema of the data. You can easily customize scaffolding elements or create new ones to override the default behavior.
You can also enable dynamic behavior in existing or new Web applications without using scaffolding. In that case, you specify how and when Dynamic Data should infer UI elements from the data source without using scaffolding for the entire Web site.

About Me

I graduated in engineering software from Islamic Azad University of Parand.
And now, studying Computer architecture in the master degree in Azad University of West Tehran


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